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Dear SYSO Members,

The recordings linked below approximate what we will be rehearsing this season (tempos, rhythms, etc.) Please take a listen and use these to work on parts as guided:

*NOTE: I am trusting that the musicians in the Rutter Requiem are listening to the recording with their parts in hand, so we don't need to use vital time just piecing it together; soloists, of course, prepare your difficult parts but also listen to how your part fits with the choral passages.

This allows us to focus more on the technically difficult music in rehearsal. I am currently leaving Scheherazade "alone" because until your individual work is done, rehearsing is irrelevant. It's time to really apply your best study to this cornerstone of virtuoso passage work for all instruments. Again, listening is a valuable weapon in your arsenal.

Please use this advanced notice to be ready to play well enough to be "coachable" in sectionals; do not be unprepared and let your sections down. -JM