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SYC Vocal Audition Workshop

What should I sing? What’s a good warm-up routine? What are they looking for? What’s the best way to sight-read? How do I calm my nerves?

These questions and others answered at the Vocal Audition Workshop!

There’s no getting around having to audition for placement into a choral program, whether it be for a college, an advanced school group, or an ensemble like the Schaumburg Youth Choir.

The Vocal Audition Workshop, facilitated by Schaumburg Youth Choir Director Tim Koll, will offer tips on vocal preparation, song selection, sight-reading, and methods that will help students maximize their abilities during an audition.

They’ll also be available to answer questions you might have about getting into the program of your choice.

Tuesday, April 7
7:00 - 8:30 pm

Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts
201 Schaumburg Ct.
Schaumburg, IL

Open to all students in grades 8 and up.