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Rental Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are part of the lease agreement for the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts (hereinafter referred to as the Center) and the rules herein must be adhered to absolutely by lessees of the Center.

The aforementioned lease agreement and these terms and conditions are the only agreement between the parties relevant to the Center and no oral statements or prior written matter shall have any force or effect. It shall be the responsibility of the lessee to completely inform the proper agents or employees of lessee concerning these rules and regulations.

Section One: Basic Provisions

1.1 DAMAGES: Lessee accepts the building, its furnishings, fixtures and equipment in their present condition and state of repair, and agrees that upon the end of the term for which the building has been rented, it will be vacated and surrendered to the Village in the same condition. All repairs and replacements required to return the building and its furnishings, fixtures and equipment, and surrounding grounds to pre-event conditions shall be at the expense of the lessee upon demand. Damages caused by persons attending the event, attempting to attend the event or at the location because of the event shall be the responsibility of the Lessee.

1.2 UTILITIES: The rental schedule provided herein includes the normal utilities necessary for the comfort and convenience of the patrons, including but not limited to heating, cooling, water, gas and electricity.

1.3 SUBLET USER: Lessee may not sublet any rented space or in any way assign the rented spaces to another person or organization. Lessee may not utilize the rented space for any purpose other than that which is specified in the agreement.

1.4 LESSEE'S EFFECTS LEFT & BUILDING DELIVERIES: Lessor reserves the right after the termination of the time for which the premises are rented by this agreement to remove from the building all effects remaining therein and to store the same wherever it sees fit in its name, or at its option in the name of the lessee, but at the cost, expense and sole risk of the lessee. The lessor shall not be liable in any way to lessee by reason of so removing and storing any such effects. Deliveries on behalf of the lessee will be accepted at the lessee's risk and the lessor in no way assumes any responsibility whatsoever for such effects.

1.5 COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: No activities in violation of Federal, State or local laws, ordinances, rules or regulations shall be permitted on the Center premises, and it shall be the responsibility of the lessee, while under the terms and period of this agreement, to enforce this provision.

1.6 LICENSE / PERMITS / COPYRIGHTS: The lessee shall pay the fee for all licenses and permits necessary to conduct operations specified by this agreement. The lessee shall assume all costs arriving from the use of patented, trademarked, franchised or copyrighted music, materials, devices, processes or dramatic rights used on or incorporated in the event. The Center may require evidence of such licenses being in effect.

1.7 SIGNED CONTRACT FOR ACT: Lessee agrees to furnish the Center if requested, at the time of lease agreement signing, a copy of the signed contract between lessee and the act to be presented. 

1.8 INDEMNITY AND INSURANCE: Lessee hereby releases lessor from all damages and claims of every sort, whether to person or to property, arising during the lessee's use of the premises, and agrees to hold the Village of Schaumburg harmless from any damages sustained by lessee or by any of its agents, employees or invitees, including its patrons, and to indemnify the Village of Schaumburg against any expense prior to the date of occupancy, a policy of public liability and property damage insurance issued by a reputable casualty insurance company acceptable to lessor, with personal injury liability limits of not less that $1,000,000, and property damage liability of not less than $1,000,000 for each occurrence, naming the Village of Schaumburg as additional insured.

1.9 PUBLIC SAFETY: The lessee shall neither encumber nor obstruct the sidewalk in front of or the entrance to, halls, lobbies, premises, nor allow the same to be obstructed or encumbered in any manner. Lessee further agrees not to bring onto the premises any material, substances, equipment or object which is likely to endanger the life of, or cause bodily injury to, any person on the premises, or which is likely to constitute a hazard to property thereon. The Center shall have the right to refuse to allow any such material, substances, equipment or object to be brought onto the premises and the further right to require its immediate removal there from if found thereon. Lessee shall not schedule or produce events which are designed to or do create a greater demand for the use of the premises than that is contracted.

1.10 CANCELLATION: In case of cancellation by the lessee, it shall be the responsibility of the lessee to make reasonable public announcements, at the lessee's expense, concerning the cancellation as soon as possible following the cancellation by all means commercially reasonable.

1.11 INTERRUPTIONS OR TERMINATION OF SHOW: The Center shall retain the right to cause the interruption of any performance in the interest of public safety, and likewise to cause the termination of such performance when, in the sole judgment of the Center, such act is necessary in the interest of public safety. Center shall consult with appropriate governmental agencies to determine when public safety needs cause the interruption or termination.

Section Two: Financial

2.1 CANCELLATION BY LESSEE: A $100.00 nonrefundable deposit on the rental is required prior to the execution of the Lease. No reservation shall be confirmed until the required deposit has been paid. 

2.2 BUILDING SERVICES: All work for building services directly related to lessee's event, including stage technicians, attendants, box office personnel and ushers shall be paid by the lessee. Security shall be furnished at the discretion of the Center Manager and paid for by the lessee. Lessees may provide their own box office, usher and backstage crew; however, only Center employees are allowed to operate Center equipment. At least one authorized Center employee must be present at all times when lessee is present in the building.

2.3 ACTUAL CHARGES: The amounts listed on the agreement are estimates only. The final billing will reflect charges for actual time and labor used.

Section Three: Technical

3.1 BROADCAST RIGHTS: Lessee shall not broadcast or televise any event or portion of an event without first securing the consent of the lessor. In the event the requisite consent is given, installation and removal of all equipment shall be at the expense of lessee and subject to supervision by the lessor.

3.2 RECORDINGS: Lessee agrees that no recording, either video or audio, of any kind will be made of the event covered by this agreement without prior approval from the Center.

3.3 DAMAGE TO STAGE: No nails, spikes, screws, etc. may be driven into the stage floor.

3.4 SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Lessee must comply with all fire codes and any posted safety restrictions. Any weapon to be used in any production must be cleared in advance by the Technical Supervisor.

Section Four: House / Performance

4.1 LESSEE REPRESENTATIVE: At the time of the execution of this agreement, lessee will furnish to the Center Manager the name, address and phone number of the lessee's representative. This representative will then be the sole person authorized to make decisions or to negotiate with staff of the Center. The representative, who must be present at each performance, will then be the sole person authorized to resolve problems and conflict or to negotiate any alterations in performance procedure with staff of the Center. This representative will be fully authorized to act for and execute documents on behalf of the lessee.

4.2 TIME: House will open to the audience one half hour prior to scheduled performance time. The program will begin at the time advertised and / or printed on the tickets. Specific arrangements to the contrary may be discussed in advance with the Center Manager.

4.3 STAFF RIGHT TO ENTRY: Lessee will afford the Center staff personnel the right to enter any part of the Center at any time.

4.4 FUTURE ATTRACTIONS: The Center reserves the right to promote future attractions to be held at the Center via fliers, posters or electronic means, whether such attractions are under the auspices of the lessee or not.

4.5 ANIMALS: Lessee will not bring or keep or allow to be kept in the Center any animals with the exception of service dogs that aid individuals with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Animals used in performances may be brought to the Center only during the actual rehearsal or performance.

4.6 COLLECTIONS: No collections, donations, or solicitations of money or goods of any kind, whether for charity or otherwise, shall be made or attempted on the Center premises without first obtaining written permission of the Director of Cultural Services.

4.7 SEATING CAPACITY: Lessee shall not admit to said premises a larger number of persons than the permanent seating capacity of the auditorium (442) or lessor capacity depending on the room rented or than can safely and freely move about in other rented areas, and the decision of the lessor in this respect is final.

4.8 CONCURRENT USE: The Center reserves the right to rent other parts of the Center at the same time as the rental of said premises to the lessee and the use of the lobby, hallways, box office and other public rooms and facilities that may be made available to the lessee at the discretion of the Center shall be concurrent with the use of others as the Center may determine; provided that such renting to others shall not unreasonably interfere with the use of said premises by the lessee. The lessee understands and acknowledges that the lessee has no rights whatsoever to enter or use the areas in the said building comprising the administrative offices of the Center, mechanical rooms, or any other areas except such that are designated in the contract or otherwise specified in writing by the Center.

Section Five: Publicity and Promotion

5.1 PROGRAM INFORMATION: The following information should be used on printed playbills or programs distributed to the audience:

  1. No food or beverages of any kind may be brought into the theatre.

  2. Administrative Offices are located at the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts. Hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. The phone number is (847) 895-3600.

  3. The taking of photographs and the possession and/or use of audio or video recorders during performances is strictly prohibited unless permitted by the performer.

  4. The red exit sign nearest the seat you occupy is the shortest route to the street. In the event of fire or other emergency, please walk, do not run, to that exit.

5.2 CORRECT ADVERTISING COPY: The lessee agrees that all digital and print advertising will contain the following information:

  1. The true and correct name of the presenting agency or organization, i.e. "Country Music Stars Incorporated Presents ..." (abbreviations are not acceptable).

  2. The correct name of the Center: Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts.

5.3 DISPLAYS: Lessee will display posters, photographs or handbills only in such areas as are specified and such materials as are approved in advance by the Center. Further, the lessee is prohibited from driving any tack, nail, screw or other fastening device into the ceilings, walls or floors of the Center so as to mar, deface or injure Center property.

5.4 OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL: Should the show contain any material that may be viewed by any segment of the community as being morally objectionable, the management reserves the right at its full discretion to require of the lessee inclusion in all advertising of a phrase acceptable to Center management, but alerts the potential ticket buyer to the maturity of themes or actions.

Section Six: Tickets and Box Office

6.1 TICKET SALES LOCATIONS: Lessee agrees to present relevant ticketing information, e.g. phone number, website or email address for purchasing tickets to Center personnel upon signing of the rental agreement. This will permit the Center personnel to offer such information to patrons.

6.3 DESCRIPTION OF PERFORMANCE: Lessee agrees to leave with the Center personnel, prior to the first day of public ticket sale, a short and accurate description of the performance containing the particulars described in this paragraph. Such description could include the length of the acts, synopsis of plot, specific musical works, biographical information on artists, when intermissions occur, their approximate length, when the show is to be over, any special sight line or acoustical variation, or whatever in lessee's judgment a patron might typically wish to know about the event.