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General Usage Regulations

  1. The fixed seating capacity of the main theatre is 442 plus three wheelchair spaces. Audience members are not permitted on stage unless they are a planned and integral part of the action. No person, audience member, crew, staff or equipment may be in the aisle during a performance. Aisle seating or overselling the house is strictly prohibited.

  2. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited at all times on stage, backstage, in the theatre, and in the booth.

  3. All building equipment is to be operated by members of the Prairie Center technical staff only.

  4. Lessee is responsible for any damage to the building or equipment arising for lessee's event, audience or participants.

  5. Building lessees should restrict their activities to the section of the building rented.

  6. Rental spaces will not be available prior to the arrival time specified in the contract. All events, including performances and rehearsals, must end by the time stated in the contract.

  7. All equipment, including set pieces, properties, costumes, etc. are to be removed immediately following the event, unless special arrangements have been made in advance with the Prairie Center Technical Supervisor.

  8. No nails, spikes, screws, etc. may be driven into the stage floor. Sliders/casters are recommended.

  9. No open flame (candles, etc.) or pyrotechnics are allowed in any part of the building.

  10. All weapons used in any production must be cleared in advance by the Prairie Center Technical Supervisor. All guns used in any stage production must be loaded and unloaded by the Prairie Center technician in charge. All guns firing blanks must have plugged barrels – shotguns and rifles included.

  11. Raffles may be conducted by not-for-profit groups, including charitable, educational, fraternal, labor, or religious organizations. An application must be completed prior to conducting a raffle. Because Village Board approval is required, the application must be submitted no less than 30 days prior to the raffle date. Once the Village Board approves the raffle, an approval letter will be issued.

  12. Serving and/or selling alcoholic beverages is only permitted by securing a one day liquor license. Applications for a liquor license are made to the local liquor commissioner (the Village President) in writing. There is a nonrefundable fee for processing of each liquor license application submitted.

We strongly recommend that the participants in your event are advised of these rules and regulations. Participants should also be informed of the correct rehearsal and performance times, locations within the building, and place of entrance.