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Special Jury Procedures

Entrants - including returning artists - must observe the following requirements:

All work is to be original.

Submit three images representative of your work in each medium in which you plan to exhibit (e.g. artists exhibiting oil paintings and watercolors need to submit six images). The images may be submitted online (jpg or tif), or by mail as prints. When exhibiting more than one medium, please indicate the approximate percentage of each type to be exhibited at the Prairie Arts Festival (e.g. 25% oil and 75% watercolor). Photo prints should be labeled with artist name. Provide a brief description of each work pictured in the images.


All jewelry exhibited at the fest must be of original design and be handmade by the attending artist. On-site verification will be made. Jewelers who wish to apply for the Prairie Arts Festival must include with their application the following:

  • Types and approximate percentages of pieces to be exhibited. (e.g. 20% rings, 80% earrings, etc.)
  • Materials (e.g. gold, ceramic, paper, etc.)
  • Processes (e.g. enameling, casting, etc.)
  • Price range
  • Other descriptive information which might be helpful to jurors

Special Jurying Rules and Procedures. Jewelers - please add your descriptive information to the "Description of your work" field on the application.

Offset Lithographic Reproductions

The sale of offset lithographic reproductions of artists’ original artwork will be subject to the following restrictions:

  • No more than 25% of work displayed on booth (tent) walls can be commercial reproductions. (i.e. 75% originals)
  • A majority of work offered for sale must be original.
  • All commercial reproductions should be labeled as such.

The committee works to educate festival patrons about the presence of commercial prints and encourages patrons to ask artists if a work they are considering for purchase is an original or a commercial reproduction.